'Cause You had a Bad Day......You sing a sad song just to turn it around....

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So I finally got back to school yesterday. It was not good. I figured "Hey, tomorrow is a new day," but boy was I wrong. Today was ten times worse.

I got so many rude comments about being in a wheelchair it was unbelievable!! Normally I could care less what anyone says about me. But they really got under my skin yesterday and today. Anyhow, yesterday was just terrible. And today...I don't even think there is a word to describe how bad it was!!!

It started out same as yesterday...obnoxious kids, crowed hallways, and many sympathetic looks from teachers. Then we had an evacuation drill to the football field. Now why I had to get out of the building when the principal specifically TOLD me it was a drill is beyond me. Some senior closed the door on me, I almost fell out of the wheelchair, my homeroom teacher yelled at me for not being where I was supposed to when I was supposed to (There was dozens of teachers yelling different things at me. Finally, I just listened to the nurse and got in trouble for it. Sheesh!), nearly got trampled, was late for my Spanish class, and then had to go on a crazy goose hunt for a teacher. Argh!!!

Well, homework awaits. Have a great day! :)

Important Post!!

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I've posted on here before about COLE's Foundation and how I am able to leave messages for kids (and adults!) who are going through a rough time. Often visiting these websites leads me to find a new friend or a huge inspiration. On one of the websites that I visit often I found a link to Erik's CaringBridge website. He has been through a lot of rough times, and is a great role model to all. His mom is also a wonderful woman. She works on fundraisers for pediatric cancer research in addition to being a great source of hope and inspiration. Please click on the links below to find out more information about the foundation, Ride 4 Erik. These links are also posted on the side bar under "Important and Fantastic Links" Help make a difference!!!



Funny Pictures!

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I was searching through a bunch of old pictures and I came across the cutest photos from when I was little! This one of me and my best childhood friend make me laugh. :)

(I wish I could scan this picture in!)

B., my childhood best friend, was wearing a cape and I was standing next to him in a little yellow dress. I think we were about 4 or 5 years old. We always had so much fun clowning around and most importantly pretending we were heroes or spies trying to stop the bad guy, AKA my little brother, from crawling into our play area in my house. We would use yarn and tape and our blankies :) to make forts and obstacles. I remember one day there was a gate on the steps to stop my brother from going up. We used this pink yarn (that we never seemed to run out of! lol) and tied knots galore and used our blankies to dangle over the side so you couldn't see our faces when we ducked. It's amazing how you can remember things like they just happened recently when really they happened a long time ago. B. and I used to be inseparable, but just like everything in life it changed. Our moms are best friends, so we still see each other occasionally. It's always so much fun and we joke about they hilarious things we used to do when we were little. Sometimes I miss being a little kid without a care in the world! But old pictures being worth a thousand words are always a blast from the past and make you think about different points in your life. While I love reminiscing about my childhood, I have even more fun imagining my future. :)

LaLa Land

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I feel like I'm floating around in lala land, and it is not a good feeling!

Today the tutor for the home bound program came for a history lesson. It was a huge weight off my shoulders! I thought I was sooooo far behind, but really I'm almost where my class is. I was really happy with that. :)

Right after the tutor left, I had to ask for a pain killer. Argh! They make me feel utterly awful! I keep trying to keep my eyes open by doing things to distract me...writing on here, texting friends, watching 90210...and it isn't working for me to well. I keep dozing off!!! It's a lose-lose situation though. I have to take the medicine because my foot kills, but hate the way the meds. make me feel. If I don't take the med. though, I can't bear the pain. Hopefully the pain will calm down tomorrow...it would stink to fall asleep while seeing all my family that I don't see much at my aunt's house. lol

My mom and little brother went to the Easter Vigil mass tonight. My cousin is recieving her sacraments tonight and my mom is her sponsor. I couldn't go because of my foot. So it's just me and my dad tonight. :) Right now we're just watching golf. All I can do is hope something a little more eventful will happen. lol! :)

Have a lovely Easter!

Murphy's Law

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Wow! It's been a while! Things have just been very hectic to say the least!

My history teacher always reminds us of Murphy's Law and is constantly telling us to cover all bases with not only our work, but also our life. What can go wrong, will go wrong no doubt about it. It's like when you're cramming to finish a big project that you left to the last minute, you're just abotu done, and then the computer crashes and you haven't saved your work yet. It's just a given fact when you're doing things like that, something is bound to go wrong. (I have learned from experiance...it's not fun! lol)

Lately, I think Murphy's Law is totally 100% against me. My surgery went well, until the other day. I started having muscle spasms....and still have them. It figures right when I decide I'm well enough to go to school, I start the unbearable pain. =( I was really looking forward to going back!!! I'll proably end up going to CHOP one day this week. =/ Anyhow, this whole homebound thing is crazy. You would think the people who run it would want kids to get the schooling that they miss, but instead it's like they want to do everything they can to discourage it! It just doesn't make any sense to me! So anyway, they finally decided to let me get it and they can't find a teacher. I won't have a religion teacher since it goes through the township, gym you can't really have a teacher for, Spanish they can't find a teacher, and history, all of the teachers are booked. Ugh! I really want to get the ball rolling and get caught up!

My mom isn't feeling to well today either. Hopefully, she will start feeling more herself soon. :)

Well, that's all for now...I'll be updating this more soon I promise!!!
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