The Waiting Game

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Why is it that everyday throws us something else to be worried about? It just seems like everyday gives us yet another challenge or a new thing to drive ourselves crazy!

Today my mom got a feeding tube inserted because she won't be able to swallow anything when she starts her radiation treatments. The doctors assured us that it would be an "easy" surgery (since when is any kind of surgery considered easy??), but of course it couldn't all go smoothly. A 20 minute procedure turned out to be a lot more. My mom went back to be operated on at 6:30 this morning. It was just 20 minutes long and was said to be a success. Well it might work just fine, but my mom most certainly not feeling fine.

My grandmother stayed over last night (I don't think I'll ever get my room back! Not that I mind, but sharing a small room with your annoying 11 year old brother is not fun) We just got back from lunch. I was hoping to go to my favorite pizza place, but we were afraid it would be closed....I mean the place is closed on random days in the summer, so we decided to hit another local piza parlor in our town for a bite to eat. It was pretty fun, but now I have severe pain in my "snapping tendon" agh. But I'm not about to tell my grandmom, she has enough to worry about.

Well thats all for now...I'll try to write back later during my horribly boring New Years Eve. hehe But if I dont, I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful New Years!!!! Happy 2009! =D
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