Time to Hit the Books

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Finals! Joy. :(

Why must teachers put us through this torture? lol I wish my school had exemptions. How fantastic that would be! I wouldn't have to take a single exam! But sadly we do not use that and therefore I must take every single one of my four long exams. Block scheduling totally rocks though. I only have Honors World History, Religion, Spanish, and P.E. this semester. (why we have a final in gym I have no idea. I mean come on...do we really have to take a test on how to hit a volleyball??) World History will be my hardest one.

I'm going to my friend's house today to study and sleepover. Most people would probably laugh and be like "yeah...'studying'" But we will be studying. There's always like that hadful of kids that aren't the losers, but aren't popular and are somewhere in between. That's us. The Sporty, Bookworm, Nerdish, Friendly people. haha We have it all planned out...history first, then spanish, then religion. She has Journalism where I have P.E., so we'll help each other for those two. It will be a full night of studying. My one friend who is already done school was teasing me to no end about how much of a total nerd I was. He should talk! Lol

I have to take two of my exams early due to my surgery. Argh. At least I'll get them out of the way!

Well, off to the books. TTFN!

An Old Forgotten Post and My Surprisnly Uneventful Day!

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So here is yet ANOTHER old post that I pushed 'save' instead of 'publish.' Argh! I'll write my newest post first, and then paste the old one underneath. :)

Today was uneventful for once! Yayy! I met with my guidance counselor (who suggested that I create another blog, but that one for writing purposes only...I created the blog, just didn't post anything. lol!), went to all of my classes, left at my usual time before gym, and started on homework right away. My mom went out to a retirement dinner for a teacher at OLGC where she is the school nurse and my dad is out at dinner with the guys he went golfing with earlier. My brother, Colin, was supposed to have a baseball practice, but it got cancelled because of this dreadful weather.

Another surgery is in the horizons for me and my nuisance of a foot. I'll be having it done in Baltimore. This doctor seems very confident in himself and is promising me NO PAIN!! Sounds good to me! Unfortunately, I'm having it on the last day of school and will miss two of my finals. I'm going to have to take them early. The surgery certainly puts a damper on my summer plans though! My "perfect" summer isn't seeming so perfect anymore! lol But it will give me plenty of time to write, watch my softball team in tournaments, and hang out with my family. Maybe I'll even give in to the SAT workbook my mom is pushing me to do. :P lol!

My best friend's dad is pretty sick. It's really upsetting. He is always the one who gets me smiling on the pitching mound. (and off it too!) I keep thinking that my bad year has to start turning around sometime or another.

I am disapointed that the College Softball World Series is over! I really wanted Flordia to win, but Washington's team was absolutely awesome. It was a great series!

Well, that's all for now! Off to dig up some old Spanish tests to start studying for my final....

May 27, 2008 8:54 PM

I just got back from an exhausting day at CHOP. This will be a short post.

Basically my surgery didn't work. My doc is sending me to a surgeon in Baltimore to see if he can straighten me out. UGH! It is just so frustrating! Now I am in sooooo much pain! I hate getting my casts off!

Well, I didn't expect it to be this short, but I am just so tired. I'll write more when I know what is happening with my foot! :)
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