Time to Hit the Books

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Finals! Joy. :(

Why must teachers put us through this torture? lol I wish my school had exemptions. How fantastic that would be! I wouldn't have to take a single exam! But sadly we do not use that and therefore I must take every single one of my four long exams. Block scheduling totally rocks though. I only have Honors World History, Religion, Spanish, and P.E. this semester. (why we have a final in gym I have no idea. I mean come on...do we really have to take a test on how to hit a volleyball??) World History will be my hardest one.

I'm going to my friend's house today to study and sleepover. Most people would probably laugh and be like "yeah...'studying'" But we will be studying. There's always like that hadful of kids that aren't the losers, but aren't popular and are somewhere in between. That's us. The Sporty, Bookworm, Nerdish, Friendly people. haha We have it all planned out...history first, then spanish, then religion. She has Journalism where I have P.E., so we'll help each other for those two. It will be a full night of studying. My one friend who is already done school was teasing me to no end about how much of a total nerd I was. He should talk! Lol

I have to take two of my exams early due to my surgery. Argh. At least I'll get them out of the way!

Well, off to the books. TTFN!


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