Agrivating Technology and Frustrating Foot

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Well my laptop is completely broken. I gave it to the IT department at school and they said I need a new motherboard. Hopefully it will be back before my surgery! I need it so my teachers can send me the work through their sharepoint sites. But since I am currently with out a computer, I haven't had much time to update this and my email is STILL down. Nothing will go through and nothing is recieved. But atleast I was able to get onto this website through this internet....some websites just haven't been working.

This past week has been pretty frustrating because of my's been feeling pretty good, but with all these meeting for softball and field hockey and the first softball practice coming up, I've been so frustrated! I really didn't want to miss this season like I did the last, especially since I was a pretty good contender for a spot on JV or Varsity. I'm going to be pretty involved with the team, but as I learned from last year, keeping score isn't the same as being on the field. My friends and I are going to the batting cages later this evening and I'm still trying to talk my parents into letting me in the actual cage for a swing or two.....maybe they will give in. :)! The field hockey coach has also been really nice, and I'll be involved with that this summer and next fall. It should be fun even though I can't play.

My mom has been hanging in there. Hopefully the worst radiation side effects will fad soon! She is getting a scan done on Monday of her neck and throat and it's really important that it comes back negative. We are storming the heavens and keeping our fingers crossed!!!

I have a pretty good amount of homework this weekend. Well basically it's just Honors World Hisotry, but I do have some easy Spanish and Health homework. I think I'll be alright...especially if the big snow storm we're supposed to have actually ends up being all that big. :) That would make my weekend! :)

Well thats all for now....Until next time!



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I found out a couple of weeks ago that the poem I entered for a poetry contest in Creative Writing class got chosen to be published! I couldn't be happier! I didn't think my poem would be picked. Here's the poem that I picked. We had a different prompt every week for creative writing, and one week we had to write a poem on a river....I did mine on the river of change. It was one of my favorite poems I had written.

Just as the river is so nice and clear,
There is a little girl who lives without a fear.
She isn’t very tall, and the river isn’t deep.
Her eyes widen as she sees a frog that catches a fly and leaps.

As she scurries along the river bank, she notices something strange.
The river is a bit murky and the water level has changed.
The girl’s brow wrinkles as she tries to think things through,
Her hair is longer, she is taller, and her face looks different too.
She is facing new challenges each and every day,
And she is not as timid as she once was to everyone’s dismay.

She shrugs her shoulders and continues walking along,
She stops once again, but this time to listen to nature’s song.
The girl’s smile is wider and she has a bright gleam in her eye,
She is friendly and kind, not at all shy.

The day is coming to an end and the sun is no longer in sight,
She takes one last look at the river and sees the moon shinning bright.
The girl will change even more in the years to come,
And even the river will be altered some.
Her journey in life is just like the river’s pathway,
Sometimes it is rough with a lot of confusing twists and turns, but somehow it will turn out okay.

I hope you like it! I have some of my other poems up on this computer, so I'm going to post a few others too.

This poem was our first prompt. We had to do it in a day on whatever we were feeling about one particular thing. It was at the beginning of the school year, and I was rather frustrated with how it was going so far. This one is a little humorous. :)

I walked into school the first day and my eyes widened in fear;
I took a deep breath and walked by my peers.
I frantically searched for a familiar face in the crowd,
But found nobody, only a group of laughing girls and boys who were loud.
As I failed to open my locker I groaned and I thought,
Why doesn’t anyone tell you what you really need to be taught?

Like where to sit on the bus on the way to school,
Or why one group of students are considered “cool.”
Or what table to sit down and eat lunch at,
Or who to turn to when you need to chat.
It’d be nice to know how to tell who your real friends are,
And why you have a ton of homework so far.

I turned back to my locker and again attempted to open it,
And finally after several tries I decided to quit.
I began to walk to my first class of the day,
But then I realized I was going the wrong way!
As I turned back around I groaned and I thought,
Why doesn’t anyone tell you what you really need to be taught?

This poem's prompt was an object that is special to you. I chose a book that my grandmother gave to me when I was in third grade. It was the book that really made me like to read. It was Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk. To this day, Nancy Drew books are my all time favorite. :)

I have a book that means a lot to me,
And when I open it up I feel so free!
I drift off into a world that is great,
Where miracles seem to happen because of fate.
As I read each page I remember my past,
And the possibilities of what could happen next are very vast.
I laugh and I cry every time I read it
Even though that is something I would never admit.
I know the book will never get old,
And every time I read it the setting is still beautiful and the characters are still bold.

To me this book isn’t just a mere story,
It gives me courage and much glory.
If I am having a rough day,
I pick up my book and begin to read away.

It is nice to know that no matter what in my life happens next,
The book will always remain in its original text.
The characters will still be there as well as the plot,
The setting won’t change and the same criminal will be caught.
It doesn’t matter if the book stays intact or is ripped apart,
I know that it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

I'm just going to post one last poem. We had to write a poem for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and since I didn't personally know anyone going through cancer treatment at the time (I had to write this 2 weeks before my mom was diagnosed with anaplastic Thyroid cancer.) I wrote it based on my own experiances.

I got a bad grade,
My teacher is mean,
My favorite jeans are beginning to fade,
I hate keeping my room clean!
I thought that these things were terrible,
But a few days in the hospital showed me that they were very bearable.

As I was pushed around the hospital in a wheelchair,
Every little girl or boy I passed looked a lot worse off than me.
I gave them a small smile and said a prayer,

That they would soon be well and full of glee.
I learned a very important lesson that day.
And little did I know, I would learn even more during the rest of my stay.

Sometimes things don’t go your way,
And everything seems to be going wrong.
But we should be grateful for every single day,
While we learn how to stand strong.
Breast Cancer Awareness is recognized especially in October of each year,
And we can support the cause by wearing pink among other things.
We remember and pray for those who are optimistic and live without fear,
And who simply accept whatever life brings.

Well, I'll update more later. Have a great day!

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