'Cause You had a Bad Day......You sing a sad song just to turn it around....

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So I finally got back to school yesterday. It was not good. I figured "Hey, tomorrow is a new day," but boy was I wrong. Today was ten times worse.

I got so many rude comments about being in a wheelchair it was unbelievable!! Normally I could care less what anyone says about me. But they really got under my skin yesterday and today. Anyhow, yesterday was just terrible. And today...I don't even think there is a word to describe how bad it was!!!

It started out same as yesterday...obnoxious kids, crowed hallways, and many sympathetic looks from teachers. Then we had an evacuation drill to the football field. Now why I had to get out of the building when the principal specifically TOLD me it was a drill is beyond me. Some senior closed the door on me, I almost fell out of the wheelchair, my homeroom teacher yelled at me for not being where I was supposed to when I was supposed to (There was dozens of teachers yelling different things at me. Finally, I just listened to the nurse and got in trouble for it. Sheesh!), nearly got trampled, was late for my Spanish class, and then had to go on a crazy goose hunt for a teacher. Argh!!!

Well, homework awaits. Have a great day! :)


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