Murphy's Law

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Wow! It's been a while! Things have just been very hectic to say the least!

My history teacher always reminds us of Murphy's Law and is constantly telling us to cover all bases with not only our work, but also our life. What can go wrong, will go wrong no doubt about it. It's like when you're cramming to finish a big project that you left to the last minute, you're just abotu done, and then the computer crashes and you haven't saved your work yet. It's just a given fact when you're doing things like that, something is bound to go wrong. (I have learned from's not fun! lol)

Lately, I think Murphy's Law is totally 100% against me. My surgery went well, until the other day. I started having muscle spasms....and still have them. It figures right when I decide I'm well enough to go to school, I start the unbearable pain. =( I was really looking forward to going back!!! I'll proably end up going to CHOP one day this week. =/ Anyhow, this whole homebound thing is crazy. You would think the people who run it would want kids to get the schooling that they miss, but instead it's like they want to do everything they can to discourage it! It just doesn't make any sense to me! So anyway, they finally decided to let me get it and they can't find a teacher. I won't have a religion teacher since it goes through the township, gym you can't really have a teacher for, Spanish they can't find a teacher, and history, all of the teachers are booked. Ugh! I really want to get the ball rolling and get caught up!

My mom isn't feeling to well today either. Hopefully, she will start feeling more herself soon. :)

Well, that's all for now...I'll be updating this more soon I promise!!!


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