Bye-Bye Softball Season, Hello Surgery

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It's been quite a while since I last updated, but actually this was supposed to be posted a couple of weeks ago! Instead of pushing the post button, I saved it as a draft instead! I'll post what I had written that day here, and then post another entry about more recent events. :)

I had to go to Children's Hospital today because my tendon snapped really out of place yesterday and then I couldn't get it back in. It hurt like crazy! I couldn't walk or anything since it was locked in place. Finally, it went in a little, but I could still see the tendon on top on the bone and it was still locked in that set position. I hate complaining about my foot since it should be the least of my family's worries, but I wasn't going to be able to go to school with my ankle like that. So I told my dad and he called the nurse practitioner who told us to go on the crutches and go in to see the doctor the next day (today) since he was in surgery all day. So I had to stay home from school. I hate missing days of school! Thankfully my first semester classes are over because I don't know what I would have done if I missed Honors Geometry, Honors English, Intro. to Chem, and Creative Writing. Since my classes now are just Honors World History, Religion, Spanish, and Health, making up work isn't horrible, but it still is a lot. And I was going to have to miss school again today, but luckily we had a snow day. I was very happy. :) But we went to CHOP today and the doctor came in to the room (after having us wait for hours!) and told me "I gave you every chance to get that foot better! You already know what I'm going to tell you right?" So we had to go through the whole surgery planning thing and everything before we could finally go home. This time it wasn't as bad though....last time I was so scared! But today I was just thinking there's always someone who has it worse than me. And then I went on my angel, Ivory's, CaringBridge website and I perked up a little and then everything really got put in perspective. I haven't posted anything about Ivory, but she is a wonderful 6 year old little girl whom is such a role model. She has been through a lot. Much more than I can even imagine being put through. Her mother, Julie, is also a wonderful person. She frequently updates Ivory's journal on CaringBridge and emails me. I love hearing from them and I know that from now on whenever I feel down or sorry for myself, I'll be thinking of Ivory, Julie, my mom, and my best friend's dad who is going through a tough time with reoccuring brain tumors and cancer. Instead of moping around, I'll say a prayer for each of them. So softball season is out of the question...but maybe this surgery is for the better or something. ...On second thoughts, scratch that. lol!!!

I can't believe I pushed draft when I wanted to post this! Sorry!


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